guitar riffs


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just wanna know the general concensus of guitarists here who do SOLOS for all their songs.

is it over doing it? and guitarists playing riffs compared to a guy who can onbly strum. Who pawns who?
for me, i think the music is more important. it doesn't matter what you do, it's the overall picture that matters.
there is no Pwning in music. Music is not a competition. Music is self-expression.
Hope that answers your qn.
BlackMoo said:
both of them suck. both of them get pawned by a sweeper.

er, by that u mean someone who sweep picks? if that is the case, i must disagree. as vaiyen said, music is about self-expression. to add on, i think music is about learning, and about growth. so there really isnt a who pwns who or stuff like that.

imho, sweeping, shredding, and what not are just techniques that add flavour to someone's music. used excessively, it can become a mite boring. so i think that a healthy, and good musician, should be able to blend a balance of both impressive techniques (for shredding fans etc) and a nice melody that can keep playing in people's head.
My songs are basically all guitar solos... I have no voice to sing so I let my guitar speak for me.

If your solo does not speak to the audience or to your heart, I find it quite meaningless.