Guitar Magazines - do you buy any?


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do you guys buy any of these guitar magazines?
personally i think that although the UK guitar magazines are more expensive, they are better..

Guitarist (UK)

Guitar Techniques (UK)

Total Guitar (UK)

Guitar World (US)

Guitar World Acoustic (US)

Guitar One (US)

Guitar Player (US)

Australian Guitar (AU)
used to buy alot..but find that most of the time too lazy to practise..just pure reading on the theory stuff if any...

personally i prefer Fingerstyle Magazine, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Techniques, and Jazz Improvisation of the mags are pretty crap, nothing but advertisement ..well tats my opinon..
yea i 2nd the thought that the uk mags are better. Somehow the articles are more interesting and the reviews pretty good too. For gear news are reviews i think guitar one and guitarist are the best.

i think guitar tech is a super mag but unless you spend like 7 hours a day i dont think you can find the time to practice even half of whats in the mag
Jerome33 said:
where u buy?
i go HMV.... very expensive..

its not that HMV is expensive, other's like Kino or newstands also same..

avg UK guitar mag is abt 5 pounds
convert to S$ (x3) + shipping = expensive (S$18-20+)
US magazines are cheaper though but the both the content and paper quality are mostly 'toilet paper' ...
i wanted 2 get guitar techniques, but i thought they r kinda ex 4 such a thin mag.

so now im borrowing guitar player from the library! :D

I used to buy Guitar World alot until they kept featuring buggers from punk, emo or metal bands whom I have never heard of before. True, all the classic rock bands have been featured before, and what better avenue to read about the newest talents? But frankly if I see Zakk Wylde's face on GW one more time I'll never buy that mag until they feature some people who deserve to be featured in place of someone who has been featured way too many times.

No offense to ZW fans.
used to buy Total Guitar, then when they jack up the price, i stopped buying. Now I jus borrow Guitar Player/World from the Library. But its annoyin whenever some asshole decide to cut up the mag for some pics to paste on his juvenile school file or his bedroom wall.
I'll just throw in my question here:

Which music magazine do you guys like most? Minus the guitar/drums/bass/whatever instrument magazines.

Alternative Press, Big Cheese, Rock Sound, Outbreak, how about foreign magazines? Do you guys buy them online? Which ones are the best?

ps kerrang! sucks. can use to wipe backside type of paper.

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