Guide to posting responsibly in the forum


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Hi, this post is dedicated to all the newbies and people who won't learn how to post PROPERLY.
In this post I will cover a few topics, albeit all on making the forum experience a enjoyable and fruitful one.

1. Forum and its Subforums
2. How to be heard

The Forum and its subforums
Here at Soft, we have quite a few subforums.
These are forums meant to group various topics to make the forum tidy.

Message From Us- This is the forum for James to make announcements. Strictly no bullshitting here.

General Discussion
Kopitiam - When it says anything under the sun, it means you post what the other forums cannot accomodate.

Feedback and suggestion - For suggestions and feedback to James, as the name implies.

Gigs and Concerts - No elaboration needed.

Open Mic - For SOFTies to post their own musical works. While posting comments/feedback, please be constructive and polite.

Self Intro - No elabortation needed.

Drums And Percussion
Gear, Drums - Talk about the latest drums and gears here. Duh.

People, Drums - This is for SOFTies to talk about the drummers they've seen, love and want to discuss about. NOT for recruiting of drummers.

How To, Drums - Post about techniques, etc, you get the idea.

Gear, Guitar - Talk about pedals, guitars whatever related. Do not post your gear talk in the kopitiam, for goodness sake. And do not ask for videos of guitarists or tabs, those belong in the People or How To section.

People, Guitar - Talk about guitarists, not for recruiting people.

How To, Guitar - For advice or to give advice on techniques, problems, so forth.

Bass, Keyboards, Synths
Same as guitar forum, but for the instruments of that forum.

Musicians Market
Musicians Wanted, Available

These are the forums for you to recruit members, do not spam the People, (insert instrument here) sections.

Those are the forums with problems, people mixing up where to post and so forth.

How To Be Heard
1. Please type properly, with punctuation and spelling that is comprehensible. We aren't asking you to be a grammar nazi, but going "omgineedaguitarsobadcananyonehelpme?" is not only bad looking, it's irritating.

2. Make your point specific. Going like "Which is the BEST guitar?" isn't exactly very descriptive.

3. Have a positive attitude, the members will help you more.

4. Points management. You can have multiple questions in a single page instead of 5000000000 different threads for each question. This makes you look less retarded.

5. Do NOT post the same topic in many forums multiple times, it just makes everyone pissed at you.

That's the point I'm making. If all else fails, turn to porn.
well done ~ :smt041 thanks for the effort.

but the bad news is... there will always be ppl who's never gonna follow these. likely, ppl who will appreciate this thread are those who don't give problems when posting. As u said: "people who won't learn how to post PROPERLY." so i don't think they will bother reading ur guideline. :(
BlackMoo said:
Has anyone noticed DeathCubeK has dissapeared?

That's because I asked him to. In the photo album thread. LOL!

Aaanyway, dexian's post should be made a sticky!
ya la, he shoud be among us right now. but so long as he doesn't interfere with this site's signal:noise ratio, all's fine.
dexian: straight to the point, dude! Grateful for your time taken to type out.

Actually the subforums' headers are very self explanatory already, the reason why he had to make these notes cause there are ppl getting on our nerves...who doesn't bother to read nor think before they post.

khai: if you've been to other forums heavily engaged in proper gear talk...or anything under the sun, they have stricter rules to follow but it's all reasonable and actually that's what everyone should be doing already without reminders :wink:
Re: Hmm

LEMONed_Z said:
for all we know... he might had already sign up with another username. :x

Don't worry.. Everyone will know and its back to square one for us to do the spring cleaning. :lol: