gruel is banned


Staff member
due to the inconsiderate and hostile of his many post, this user "gruel" is banned from further posting.

if you want to know why he is banned, do a search for for his post in the forum.

SOFT is for discussion of music making.
Why does it have to end this way??

Its understandable dat each and everyone of us has their own likes and dislikes.

As a general user of the net/forum, there have to be etiquitte that one must observed and practise.

As an individual, we have our own points that we want to convey to the rest of the public and its pointless that someone would like to paint himself/herself with an attitude that will cause others to look at him/her differently.

When will one learn to respect the difference that's in all of us?

Its sad to see someone being banned bcos of his/her rashness.

In the end, we are one man DOWN!!!!

Its just so sad...
Don't get me wrong her bro...

I'm just shaken by the whole event dats all.

From a tribute to Dimebag >> Flaming scenario >>> Ban!!

Its a norm to debate and argue but its really strange to see the mid-happening outcome of it..

Summary, good things dat turned bad.


"I don't like U, U don't like me" that kinda of scenario.
thx james...whoah he said i was from technical....anyway past is past....lifes back to normal in soft land
Let's observe a minute of silence to commemorate the demise of an insensitive asshole...though i agree with Shred5... but that kuku bird GRUEL is:
Better Off Alone, Grinspoon

Man I love grinspoon....anybody heard of them!??.... :cry: