Great Video - Buckethead

no problem, man.......

i like players like him....... can shred n can also play slow songs wif feel.......

hope 2 c more videos of his.......

he plays for DeathCubeK right? just wondering..........what nice DCK to check out, cause i dunno much abt that band.
Death Cube K IS Buckethead.

If you rearrange the words buckethead, it will form Death Cube K. It's mainly slow stuff, something like Colma. People said DCK started cause of legal issues of the name Buckethead. The only 2 buckethead albums i have ever seen in singapore are Giant Robot and Colma, both at Clairvoyant(peninsula)
haha Big B is known to play with anagrams... Death Cube K=Buckethead. The "funeral" written on the KFC bucket=Real Fun
i love the white theme,. what's the name of the song again??
lets go get some bucket..hehe

i admire this type of songs..
the only ones i know of doing this kinda slow thing is joe satriani and steve vai..
buckethead is THE man.

super all rounder. this track was so him, very weird. i really wonder, why doesnt anyone talks about buckethead when he was in GNR. everyone's like SLASH OH SLASH. wth man, buckethead will burn slash's stupid hair till he's bald.
Don't you know what you said is an INSULT TO SLASH! YOU MIGHT HURT the feelings of people who love slash so much that any single negative said about him will make them cry like a little baby.
Yup, nak. Big B is great! Maybe no one talks about him because he is too enigmatic. Herbie talks for him :lol:

I think that if Axl had the work attitude he had back in Appetite For Destruction, he could probably get a lot outta Buckethead.

I think Chinese Democracy will never be released. But no worries, there are bootlegs!
hey, thnx for the vid! great one... love him since his giant robot days, and shocked to see him play with g n' r on tv a few yrs back. now if only the download for the friedman/gilbert vid is faster...