Great article on EBMM guitars from Premier Guitar!


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LOVE these bits:

The binding process. Instead of gluing and wrapping plastic binding, they pour it in liquid form into mold-supported body routes to custom fit each guitar.

•Frets. Plek machines are not used. Fret jobs take about 45 minutes, because the frets are cut so that there is a gap on each side of the neck rather than extra fret wire that has to be clipped. That gap is filled by hand with lacquer and a soldering machine.

•Respect the body! Temporary handles are fastened to neck joints before the necks are put on, and then they are secured to vices at each sub-assembly bench so that the body remains in a hovering position when the electronics are installed. This prevents the bodies from getting ganked and scratched by screws, tools, or other debris on the benches.

Wood treatment. Despite buying already-dried and treated wood, EBMM uses real heat from kilns (that is, not ultraviolet light) to draw more water out of their wood. It takes four days to cure a guitar body.

•Striped chambers. Reflex guitars are chambered by routing parallel grooves into the bodies


A point of pride for the company is the fact that their artists often show up empty-handed to in-store events. “When Steve Lukather is in a store that sells our gear, he knows that every guitar on the wall is set up to his high standards,”
Hey, thanks for that, very interesting read. EBMM are kickass guitars, I love mine, it surpasses every other I have owned so far. Comfort, playability, tone, etc.