Give Me The Cash----Brain Failure


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so i uploaded this song (taken from Brain Failure's latest album AMERICAN DREAMER and i really love it)

i love the whole album,it totally rocks!!!!
my friend just came back from their gig--a China Tour at the end of 2005~~she said it was a blast!..that's the bloody truth!!

and Brain Failure's also on the page of the PUNK ROCK CONFIDENTIAL magazine by FAT MIKE(you know who he is)

You Know, Brainfailure, I'm sure we all appreciate your efforts in trying to promote your China scene, but don't you think you gettin abit overboard here? You seem to be forcing it on us with the tons and tons of pics and articles or a mediocre band like brain failure. I'm sorry dude/dudette no offence. You hail a band like that but in previous posts you slam Singapore bands that are obviously better than BF. Why are you slamming these Local bands? Is it because they are not on fat wreck or maybe epitaph? Pls try and keep an open mind, we LOCALS are trying hard enough as it is to get locals to listen to homegrown stuff, and along you come "oh this band is not good blah blah blah, you want a good band listen to BF."

Hope you understand what I'm trying to say.
Like I said no offence just stating my view.
i dont think im slamming all the local bands...if i think a band is good enough i will praize it no matter where it's from.

i hope you're not that narrow-minded.

i also introduce some good bands in SG to my friends in China...but that's the side you never know.

think carefully before you speak

thank you
From the looks of it YOU seem to be the really narrow minded one, I mean all you seem to know is BF. Chill man, how many shows do you actually go to in Singapore? By that I mean paying gigs not free ones.

All I'm saying is kinda tone down the promos on BF, they are on a major, it's not for ppl to find out abt them, why not the underground ones, those not on a major do YOU know of any? I'm a chinese too so I'm definately not against chinese bands. But get your priorities right here, we are in singapore we are trying to promote the locol scene and it's soo hard to do already, so why why are u making it harder by promoting a band that is already on a major?

if you insist i dont go to gigs often in SG,if you insist i dont know other bands, if you insist BF is a major,if you insist you know the local scenes very well,if you insist you know everything......
just go ahead.
i feel ANY band deserves to be mentioned. be it locals, non-locals, major, independent, underground, whatever... its ALL MUSIC...
pardon me, this is kind of off topic, but is the english in the magazine article above kind of errr...rotten? or am i seeing things? :? :oops:
Downloaded the song and heard it.
He's got a very endearing way of singing, with the accent and all :D .
But I feel the song is too laidback or something. Could've pump it up a little. But then again, it's not really my kind of music, so what the hell do I know?
hey ho let`s go!!!!!!!

i think u should anthony..... :lol: :lol: :lol:

at least it`ll open up sum other people`s perspective abt music here....
they sound diffrent from most punk bands .. haha the magazines english really cracked me up ... guys check out this fellas blog also .. quite funny

you have to scroll down a little *
Umm yeh, the english made me laugh especially the shooted words. but the music's pretty good I suppose. =)

OMG! I nearly died when reading kenny sia's post on the food menus. What kinda food are those?! "France many privates", "the bureau swallows to take the fish powder" "the row pig picks the rice" "Living to fry the beef rice" LOL. So sad, you live to fry the beef rice.

Okay this is so off topic. But I can't help it. Ephyra, thanks for the link siah. LOL.
wah wat a weird song. quite cute though. but the lyrics, english broken sia. and the lyrics quite no meaning, what suddenly you so stupid???

and the accent's pretty funny, but i think he's voice sounds more rock, not punk