Gangster Poem Evolution

oooh... catchy! but i dun understand hokkien i only understood the bad words
Wah lan eh. If we have any any Sa La Kow people here we're all f***ed. :lol:

I think this has been around for a few years already actually. I remember seeing this somewhere before.
y gangster got poem 1 sia ? lol...

i think they sure can win in poem writing contest... lol :lol: :lol: :lol:
lloll...their hokkien is so chim man...i onli noe the vulgarities and simple hokkien words..not sure what the hell they rapping//the background music is funni :wink:
lol...i think this was around for a few yrs fren sent this to me like 1 yr back?haha..techno gangster
hoho there's more poems, but only this has flash animation(i think).. i used to have them but got lost somewhere in my comp
fenderrules said:
oh my goodness, gangsta techno rap, quite cool actually haha just kidding.. :lol:
lol...i think its the techno which i think is cool..and the stickman too! :lol: