FSL Line 6 Bass POD XT bean


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Letting this go at $150 - this is one from the time capsule! Only have the device and adapter - info and manual is online at http://line6.com/legacy/basspodxt/. Condition is really good - only used rarely as an audio interface in a home studio. If you're looking at recording bass on the cheap, this will get you there effortlessly. It's super easy to use (none of that tweaking-parameters-forever that later-day Line 6 products have a tendency for), sounds great, and it's way more versatile with tons of bass amp / cab models and effects offered. I'm also selling this much cheaper than what a Sansamp bass driver pedal will cost you.

Text / Whatsapp 96748398 if you're interested. Deal as a drive past in Orchard / Raffles Place / City Hall area, or elsewhere at my convenience and discretion. No trades or reservations please. Thanks for reading!