FS Top Hat Emplexador MKII and Scumback-loaded 4x12" (SEPARABLE)


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Hi, if you're looking at this ad you know what this is.


Quite possibly the best sounding Marshall-esque amp out there, with the best historically accurate parts and top of the line speakers. The amp itself is the newest version of the Emplexador, the MKII with the lit logo. Serial number 1668 if you want to check it with Brian at Top Hat. It's also been loaded with NOS Mullard EL34s and NOS Ei 12AX7s. It does not come with the stock tubes, and I don't see why that would be a problem since these are worth almost $300 themselves. It is otherwise completely stock, and runs on local voltage.

No cosmetic defects at all and has only been played at home. Buying a brand new Emplexador head, excluding the high shipping costs, import taxes, wait time and the upgraded NOS tubes, costs US$2699 (S$3675 or so currently) Together with this is a Marshall 1960A slant 4 x 12" cabinet. Take note that this does not have the stock G12T-75s in it (not included). It has 4 blue frame Scumback M75-16-25w speakers with the FBI treatment done to them, the best pre-Rola Greenback-voiced speakers money can buy. These were carefully selected after speaking to Jim at Scumback extensively, and is leaps and bounds beyond the stock configuration. Take note that as these are made to be historically accurate reproductions of the original pre-Rolas, they are rated at 25W each, and the wiring of the cabinet makes it such that the power rating of the cabinet is no longer 300W but 100W, which is not only historically accurate but more than capable enough to handle the Top Hat at max volume, which is more than I can say for your ears. The cost of the speakers alone new is US$616 (S$860) excluding the cost of shipping 4 heavy speakers in heavily packed boxes, without the price of the Marshall cab (S$1149 at Swee Lee).

I'm now willing to separate the two, just in case some of you have cabs that you already love, or are looking for a top of the line Marshall cabinet to use with your amps. Am looking to sell the head for $2700 and the cabinet for $1200.

Of course my best price will be reserved for someone who takes the lot. I will include all the power cables and, if you take the lot, throw in a Planet Waves speaker cable in perfect condition so you can start playing it immediately. The total price of this set-up new would cost you around $5984 new with loads of waiting time and without the shipping costs which would probably add at least another $600-$800 to your costs, if not more. I'm selling the lot, plug and play, for $3500. It's just taking up too much space in my tiny room.

Am willing to listen to trades for small boutique combos of a similar standard, plus cash.

Deals for the cabinet ONLY at my place in Sengkang, your own transportation needs to be arranged. Can arrange delivery for the head for a quick deal.

Text me at 9322641one if interested, thanks!