FS: RS Guitarworks Pre-Wired Premium Vintage Kit (Short Shaft)


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Hi all,

Bought this on a whim, but now I'm inclined to just keep my R8 stock instead.

The pre-wired harness is entirely brand new, it's never been soldered into a guitar, so you will get from me exactly what you'd get if you bought direct from RS.

In case there's any doubt, it's this product: https://rs-guitarworks.myshopify.co...m-vintage-electronics-upgrade-kit-short-shaft

Please check that it's compatible with your guitar before buying, I won't offer refunds if you bought it for the wrong guitar. For avoidance of doubt, mine is the SHORT SHAFT version, you can check which one your guitar needs here: http://www.rsguitarworks.net/cms2/kit-selection-chart/

There's plenty of literature online, please check that before asking questions. It goes for US$95 online before shipping, and the dealer here sells it for $125. I'm pricing mine at $100 flat for the exact same brand new product, deal at my convenience. Text/Whatsapp at 9322641one if interested, thanks!