FS: Fodera, Spector, Fender Custom Shop, etc


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PM me if interested. Low ballers and frivilous queries will be ignored. These are some of my basses that I will let go and I need to make some space.

All as new and bought new. I am the first owner. As I have quite a few basses, they are all in top shape. The ones that I use often are most probably my favourites, so they are not listed.

1) USA Fender Custom Shop 1970 4-string Jazz Bass Closet Classic Limited Edition (Copper shielded and installed with Lollar pickups, original parts all available)
2) USA Fodera Ying Yang 4-string Standard
3) Germany Hofner 5000/1 Deluxe (one tuner peg needs replacement)
4) USA Spector Forte 6 (neck through)

1) USA Dingwall Z3 37" scale, 5-string fan-fret
2) USA Fender Elite Jazz Bass V
3) USA MTD 535-21
4)Xotic XJ-4 (with HRI and brass nut factory upgrades).