FS: Bunch of boutique pedals


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Selling a bunch of my pedals that I no longer use. Most of the stuff I'm selling is in this picture. I also only have the box if it says so next to the listing.

The stuff that isn't listed is not for sale. Sorry!

Also NO TRADES. Will consider a Hologram Dream Sequence or a MA Count to Five but other than that no please.


Here goes:

1) Dr. Scientist ILF Day Delay - $370 (it's probably worth mentioning that this is ILFDD #1 out of only 35 made) - box

2) Mid-Fi Demo Tape Fuzz - $140

3) Devi Ever / Dwarfcraft Super Soda Meiser - $140 - box

4) Chase Bliss Wombtone v1.1s - $260 each, take them both for $500 - box

5) Devi Ever / Dwarfcraft Rocket Mangler - $200 - box

6) Subdecay Super Spring Theory - $200 - box

7) Oddfellow Caveman v1 - $150 - box

Also if anyone is interested in the Ram's Head big muff (it's a real v2 and even comes with the original box), hit me up with an offer and we can discuss it. For reference's sake the average price online is about US$700.

Text me at 9322641one if you're interested, thanks for looking!