frets cleaning.


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guys what stuffs u use to clean ur frets? the silver thingy. cause my frets get rough after a long period of playing and i use this, D andrea fretboard cleaner. lemon oil thingy. i just go over it. even when my strings are there. any other better ways to keep it 'not rough' ? thanks
fret cleaning? Major chore....

btw, the lemon oil thing is for the wood....

rough frets? Well, if its grime...dirt....gently scrap it off....if its burrs...cuts...scratches... well, gotta sand it off then!, make sure u tape ur fret board though... plus, sand with SUPER FINE sand paper or "emery" cloth...

remember to clean ur strings and fretboard by wiping down after u play to prevent dirt build up...prevention is better than cure (cheaper too)
lemon oil usually for rosewood fret board.

There is a Dunlop Fingerboard Cleaner/Prep which is quite useful too, comes with a small piece of fret polishing cloth. Effective tool if you are into having a shiny looking fret.
the taping part is refering to using masking tape or scotch tape to paste on the fretboard if you really want to do some slight filing to the fretwire. Protet the fretboard
Hi guys,

Do you all experience this perculiar problem whilst bending? Especially when the strings are getting old, upon bending, some of the frets have a very "rough" feeling.

At first, I thought it was dirt trap beneath the string, so i cleaned it no avail.

Then i cleaned that particular "scratchy" fret, also to no avail!

Weird... any idea what's going on? Do you all get this problem too?
penguin, as i've mentioned... i cleaned the string thoroughly. Sometimes, even with a new string (and cleaned frets etc), i might encounter this "scratchy" frets, one or two of em... anyone else ever experienced this?

Maybe it's some minute pit-holes on the fretwire itself... so how should I deal with this kinda frets?

How do you guys get rid of those green grime that develops on the metal frets. I can seem to get rid of it.
ironickel said:
i use grade 00000 steel wool to clean them. it's very fine and polishes the frets nicely.'s your answer! :p

Most prob ur "scratchy" feel could be fret wear and not the string problem. File it down/polish it with some fine grade steel wool. Becareful not to file too much or you'll get some REALLY imbalanced frets.....then u'll send it to guitar hospital to change frets....major bummer...

Steel wool works good with tough grime too....but try scrapping with a pick or something first....use polish and lots of tender loving care...

PS: If you really get down to filing urself, remember to tape the fretboard!!

**that's the max suggestion I am qualified to give.... haha**
As for dirty green grimes, a little Brasso would be able to clear it up and bring it to a great Shine!!

As for steel wooling the frets...yeah, i was really tempted to do so... but the cost of a packet of steel wool detered me :( It was going for about $17 bucks a packet (which i know would last me nearly a lifetime...but i wouldn't want to keep that packet for a lifetime...) :lol:

Anyone knows where i can get fine grade 0000 to 00000 steel wool in small quantities? Greatly appreciate =)

Hmm all this sound so troublesome. Whats the easiest way to have NOT rough feeling frets? Its such a bother. So rough i can't make bends. Even sliding makes a problem. Anyone?
I use ghs fast fret to clean everything on the fingerboard . Its pretty easy and effective. The frets will have a rather noticeable shine after u use it
hmm thats why. i aint like to keep changing strings. very troublesome. so ghs fast fret is a good thing to use? but i heard people say, after they apply it, like lemon oil, or the ghs thing, there will be a layer of something formed on top of the frets and somehow, erm spoiling it or something? like a layer of plastic or something.
For frets, I always use steel wool grade 00000. Like Dawn said, the only sell steel wool in bulk, and its quite pricey like... $15-17? But one will last you for a lifetime. What i usually do is tape up the fret along the sides at the wood region to protect my fretboard from being sanded. masking tape would be good. I'll tape up the sides too so tt i don't sand the side of the neck. From the experience, polishing from the bottom up would be easier coz the frets get smaller and you can "re-use" the tape. I suggest if you use steel wool, have a vacuum cleaner around to vacuum the steel dust away.
so u just use the steel wool and 'wipe' the frets? thats all? so its like sanding it huh? any lubricant or what so ever needed?
I guess you would use the Steel Wool as though it were a "polishing" piece of cotton wool?

Any metal polish needed?

Anyone wants to share a huge pack of steel wool with me? :lol:
I saw it once at those Home Fix DIY stores, going at around $15-$17. Think there are 4 bundles of Stee Wool (which would last me too many life times :p )