Forming gigging alternative rock band


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Hi guys I'm regular seasoned live music performer who has been gigging for slightly over 16 yrs and took a break recently...

I am looking to form a new line up with like minded peeps who want to look for regular gigs for at least 2 evenings a week for happy hour timings between 7-11pm possibly Friday and Saturday

2.Type of Genre
As I have been performing all sorts of covers and mostly requests for top 40s this time I would like to form a concept band ..That covers Mid tempo and ballads from Alternative rock,Pop rock, 90s rock, Emo rock, English pop rock and ,commercial rock bands and some classic rock ballads

3.Some examples of covers
My chemical romance,cold play, Keane,oasis, augustana , muse,candle box,Avril Lavigne, hoobastank, creed, roxette, James blunt, alter bridge, vertical horizon, foo fighters,RHCP, Rado head and many great songs along the genres of a more mid tempo ballad like style

4.Musicians needed ( this is a style I want to work towards so if you're up for it let me know )

Myself :Rhythm acoustic

Vox: female or male vocalists needed one with good range and versatile

Keys: I need an awesome keyboardist who is comfortable covering leads and background sustains and versatile and can multitask task a little within the keys itself

Drummer :I need a drummer who doesn't just crash symbols all the time and is more beat focused and versatile and comfortable playing different beats preferably some who can play an electronic drum kit and has better if he has his own electronic portable drum kit or planning to invest in one with good sensitivity and not the type with missing sounds when you tap on the pads.

I have my reasons for requiring an electronic drum set or kit will explain to the drummer if he gets in touch

Feel free to contact me on telegram
@Joshua_Alexis or email thank you