FOR SALE: Vintage 1966 GIBSON BYRLAND CUSTOM (reduced price)


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I have for sale my vintage 1966 Gibson Byrdland Custom, that after many years of searching (just try to find one) I finally located and purchased in San Francisco (in 2002) from a famous local Jazz/Fusion artist. For it's age it is in excellent condition and plays smooth and as elegant as silk. Comes with the original Gibson factory hard-shell case.

These guitars were completely built-by-hand in a division of elite craftsman separate from the rest of Gibson manufacturing, and Gibson shipping records state that only 45 were produced in this year (Gibson shipped more than 10,000 guitars in 1966). This was my dream guitar and I was actively gigging for many years in South East Asia, but no longer desire being on the road or the late-night lifestyle. Solid straight forward vintage Jazz tone, or killer blues/rock/metal with incredible sustain and cool controled feed-back. This guitar should be in the hands of somebody who has the talent to appreciate such a fine instrument. Just holding this guitar is like sitting in a Bentley motor car.

REDUCED price is S$7995.00 (was S$8450.00)
Can deliver...please inquire.

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