For all you fans of Fender Japan...

I don't know... I might have to ask my dad some other day... hehe

My family is really busy these few days, we are moving out really soon...
yes, but marginally.

if you notice the strat/tele models they are selling are higher end than ishibashi.

the difference in a ST57-58 is just 200Yen.
I can't seem to find the Teles!! haha

Oh yes, there are other guitar brands you might wanna check out... Musicman, Greco and Greco GZ... The others... I think cannot make it...
bass wise their prices are a good $45- $50 more than ishibashi

in any case

most japanese firms

1) dont ship overseas
2) if they do , they risk getting their distributorship getting revoked (swee lee can trace and get fender japan to block their supplier)
oh man... but look at this:


bloody GAS is acting up wildly inside me..... :cry:
only fools would buy music man products from japan. in singapore u can get a ebmm jp for 3k. over there it costs 4.1k. ridiculous.
stars: that is true. I have a gut feeling that Rakuten doesn't do international orders... They are most probably geared towards the national market only... But NO WORRIES! When there is a will, there is a way! I can try to help, if you are really interested! :wink:
Sadly, Fender Japan is suppressed by Fender Inc. to satisfy the Japanese market only... :(

penta-tonic: I was just telling ppl what other decent brands this online store carries... Just browse thru and see the guitar brands, no harm in doing so... Check out the Greco guitars!

bam: Caparison? Which model are you interested? I will try to help as much as I can...
err.....rakuten isn't a's a web portal. 8O

sakuragk is just one of a million Jap shops that have a "shop" on that portal. :wink:

If you can't write in Japanese, they will ignore you 99 times out of 100 :evil:
Ah... Thanks LimpPisskit... I used the wrong term :)

Well, I can't write, speak and understand Jap very well... But I have someone close to me who does! My dad...
hi guys, don't mind my comments but seriously i think it is wiser to get a guitar from your local store if it is available though it may cost a little more.

IMO get only from the net if it cost way too much locally or it is not available in the local market.

guitar is not like a book or some static item. you really need to try them. even if they are the same model, sometimes it can be slightly different.

a fren of mine ever bought from the net. it's cheaper. when the guitar arrived, 1 fret was uneven. send for repair. became more expensive... and all the trouble...

well, just my thoughts.