floyd question: trem setting


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i heard of this thing where they put springs at the back of the floyd to sorta stabalize it or something is there such a thing? anybody knows anyone who does it? i'm looking for a way to sorta "fix" my flyod at the back since i hardly whammy at all and tuning after changing strings is a bitch. help!
its called a trem setter. Google it up. ;)

Anyway for your case, I don't htink you just want a tremsetter, you want to block your trem. The tremsetter is just some extra springs to help make the trem more stable.

Just grab some coins, stack them up, then tape up the bundle. Push it into the back of your trem block and tape it there... you got a block. If you want to fully block, then just put a block in front of the trem block.
or u can do it the eric clapton way: get a small block of wood, and push it into the gap in the front of the trem block. then put in all the 5 springs in. u can push but not pull on the trem. if u want to block further, put another block behind the trem block. that way u can't push or pull on ur trem, just like a hardtail! the hard part is getting the right thickness for the wood block.

p.s. so much block, can jadi go-block!