"fight shy" by Justin Koh -- acoustic/ambient


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Hi, thought I'd share one of my originals here. I was surprised and very lucky to be featured on the SoundCloud blog recently (next to talented fellow softie Sridhar and some others) which made me sit down and rediscover some of my own material.


It's a very simple piece I did 2+ years ago at a low point in my life. My entire setup was a beaten up acoustic and a MacBook's built-in mic. The metronome is actually GarageBand's metronome played through the laptop's speakers and recorded back with the built-in mic. Those were simpler times before I found Soft and became a gear whore :mad:

Anyway, it's still one of my favourites. Hope you enjoy it :)
hi that song is really nice,i like wet signal too.
btw have you thought of re-recording fight shy with your current equipments?
Thanks! I've never really thought about it. Or rather, I'm quite the perfectionist and if I redid a song I would never be happy with it, so I have to let it pass. Just taking it like a page in a diary. I could go back and rewrite the same stories in better words but it just wouldn't be the same. So I'll leave it as a snapshot of what I sounded like back then :)