Fender Twin Reverb or Deluxe Reverb Reissue


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Hi guys, i am looking for a Fender amp, love the sparkling clean and full bodied reverb. The twin may be overkill for home use. Read on the forum that the Deluxe RR would be a better choice. Swee Lee has the Twin at more than $2.5k. A goof buy? Or can someone recommend a good clean tibe amp? Thanks
get a fender pro junior or blues junior. both r fantastic amps n haf damn gd clean sound. haha. esp if ure using de amp at home these 2 wont bug ur neighbours. n they r a lot more worth it. 2.5k. if i had tt kinda money i would buy a mesa. btw mesa's r arriving at swee lee soon :D
I have also been looking for a good quality amp for home use. I have just ordered a THD univalve from JMGuitars. Its not a fender and it is only a head so I still have to come up with a cab but it may suit you too.

I had the Univalve as well. But gave it away. A Flexi50 head would be better in the long run. THe univalve is good to start off with but after a while you just wish it could give more. A quality cab is essential as well. Unfortunately local variety is lacking. Swee Lee carries the standard lines. Without a qulaity cab, the univalve may not give the best potential. I am still looking for a good quality clean with lovely overdrive. I have tried the Flexi and i give it many thumbs up. Get the Evidence Audio cable as well from Mark. I guarantee you the best transparent tone you will ever hear.
Thanks for the THD publicity, Damo.

I look forward to handing over your new Univalve once it reaches our shores.
Thanks for the Flexi and EA review, TroubledYouth.

The speaker/cab issue is a tricky one. You are spot-on to mention that the right cab really makes an amp shine.

Aside from imports, the most feasible solution I can think of is for a local furniture shop to build custom cabs from local woods. A few years back, I ask a furtiture shop on the cost to build a 2x12 unloaded cab; they priced it at about $450.