Fender Neck replacements


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Hi all, does anyone know where i can get fender neck replacements w/ locking nuts here in singapore? I was thinking of removing the neck of an ibanez s370 and converting a fender style heel to an all access and putting them together. What do you guys here think of this? If it even is possible at all? Thanks for your time.
hi. 8)

there would be a fitting problem as ibanez necks aren't as thick as the fender ones. also, the width at the last fret is different from that of a fender...

i only know someone who fits an ibanez neck in a washburn body, but it comes with intonation hell...
well i'm prepared to make some heavy mods to the guitar/neck in order to fit them correctly. ibanez necks are just too thin for me, but if this mod will ruin the guitar then i suppose i'll have to trash the idea.