Fender Highway 1 Stratocaster


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Hi all,

What do you guys think of the US Highway 1 Strat? It´s cheaper than the other US models (I was told it´s US Strat with a Mex-Strat price).. I´ve tried 2 so far; one of them was really well set up and I liked the sound and feel of it, but I thought the finish was a little thin, bound to get nicked and scratched after awhile... but seriously considering getting one.

Has anyone tried it before or any other US Strats? Please post your thoughts and comments!
i did a brief review of the Highway Series under "Gear news", so do drop by there...

although the Highway units play & sound good, they are a clever marketing ploy by Fender to clear off their discontinued American Std series neck on a compromised body.

the highway series are nowhere near the mex fender prices, in fact, they list for double the mex units...