Fender G-DEC noise problem?


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the Fender G-DEC?

please if u are i need serious help with it..i just bought it and its a great practise amp but the noise it produces when u are not playing anything gets on my nerves!

argh! does anyone know how to rectify this problem..there are so many settings and controls and i just dont kn ow waht to do!

i do that for all my amps- grounding is a primary source of noise. if more noise persists, your cable is the cause.
dude , ask someone who really knows how change a 2 pin plug to a 3 pin 13 amp plug. Please do not attempt to change it yourself if you are not sure as you have to connect the correct wire properly , we do not like you to have an afro hair style or do the electric boogaloo if you connect the wires wrongly .

well..i got lucky and my printer had the same type of plug but a 3-pin one so i just swapped plugs with it. :D problem solved