Fender CS SRV #1 on Ebay for US$13k!

For US$13K, I'll get a John Suhr Classic, a Tyler Studio Elite and a Carr Rambler amp with change to spare.

All these custom shop Fenders are over-priced and way over-rated.
i think no pt getting a number 1 unless u can play with .13s

otherwise u'll spend half the time with bleeding fingers. :p
not only over priced and overrated

the strat looks like its been burnt... check out the seriouslly grevious body damage man ... its ll be a wonder if it can play
I feel that thing isn't meant to be played, only displayed on the wall :D

But still, even through a relic job, it still capture the dark look of the real thing. This one's still full of life.
$13000 and reserve not met so buyer want even more $$$$$ !!! There's one that show up on Yahoo auction before too.

I heard Swee Lee was getting one or had one on order for (crazy and rich) SRV fan.

I don't like any player that much
haha, liddat i'd rather buy a srv sig strat, throw it from the 3rd floor of a hdb, den splash it with lighter fluid and set it ablaze, and den take sum spike club and club it, den if its still in 1 piece, den hang it on the wall, should look the same, and cost less den a quarter the price
You can do this to get the same beat-up look.