Female vocalist looking for a band


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Hi everyone! I'm Ash, 26, and am hoping to be a part of a rock/heavy metal band! It's been something I've wanted to do, so I'd like to try to have another go at it. On my own, I primarily write and sing piano ballads. But rock and heavy metal have always been my favourite genres, so I'm hoping to improve my singing! My singing influences are Amy Lee, Ronnie James Dio, Lana Del Rey.

Here's a music reel I had previously put together.

Here's a quick list of band styles:
Shaman's Harvest

Currently looking for guitar, drummer, bassist!

If you're keen, contact me through here or telegram @ashleigh148! Thanks so much for reading!
Hi Ash,i'm Chris and i'm a drummer and vocalist here.Saw from your post you
wanted to form a band and have rock music as your favourite genre.You can
WhatsApp me at: +6588133697 to discuss further.