fellow bassists,i need ur help!


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i'm a bass newbie, just bought a TGM 5 string a few days back.sadly, i didnt get an amp to go wif it..they offered a Smarvo to go along with the package, but i declined, right now, i'm lookin 4 a good bass amp, budget is below $300, am lookin 4 40watts n above...btw, where can i get Ampeg basses in Singapore?
Ampeg bass amps can be found in Yamaha Music Plaza... I believe they ARE THE HOLY GRAIL OF BASS TONE and would like a Svt head + cabinet myself, but with your budget, it seems unlikely for you to even get their most basic combo amp, the BA112, 50 watts, which retails at 700+. Maybe you could aim for SWR,Vox or Laney instead? Cheaper alternatives.
yea, i agree! AMPEG rules, partly i want it cuz my 2 fav bassists uses it, Victor Wooten n Stefan Lessard..I like VOX, cuz of the design, haven heard it yet, prolly gonna go down n try some of the basses u recommend this coming week, how bout Washburn? wud u recommend it?
Washburn as in the amps? I haven't tested them out myself, but judging from what you have said on your influences, and Washburn's reputation for being hardcore metal etc., I wouldn't say it would fit nicely with you. But hey, try it and if you like it, GET IT! 8)
yea, Sheehan is GOD, i'm not overstating it am i?? i dunno if buyin a 5 stringer was a mistake anot, cuz i'm not familiar with the B string,,onlie played bass 4 5 weeks 4 a competition in sch, hardest bass line was for That Thing You Do, my frens were shocked that i want a 40 watt amp, shud i get one datz lower instead? cuz i juz need an amp 4 home practise n maybe bring arnd 4 gigs in future, if i hav any..btw, since i'm kinda new on da bass, wad shud i play when i go test da amp?
the 5th string is good for future developments but if you are starting out, 4strings would be sufficient.

for home practice, any decent amp would suffice. if you insist on one which is also gig worthy, then you have to work with a sum beyond the one you stated. maybe this <$200 Ibanez would make a good bedroom amp?

Wellz, actually I would recommend getting something with a 12" Speaker.
The B string needs alot of energy to push the note thru

Without a good n powerful bass amp, u will not be able to hear the bass freq and u will sound treblely, especially when using an amp with a small speaker.

Cheers and happy Amp hunting!