Favourite Song(s) From A Local Band


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mine would be
1)The Walking Dead by Flames Of Dignity
2)Carbonized by (the mighty) Impiety
3)My Star by Underedge
4)If I Fall by LeadiiNitrate
5)I.a.t.t.y. by Rock Concert Heroes
6)Dreaming by Shoe Size Nine
7)Bullets And Metal by Demonification
8)Hell Of Hell by Demonification
9)Thy Legion Of The Whores by Nerraka
10)Mona Fendi Butcher Feast by Flesh Disgorged
1) Table 62 by B-Quartet
2) The Walking Dead by Flames Of Dignity
3) Johhny - Bloodstone
4) an old song from Suicide Solution which I forgot the title lol
5) Lunarin - Silverpiece
6) Rock Concert Heroes - Queen
7) Meltgsnow - Death Takes My Soul
8) Bhelliom - Behind The Mask
9) Steel Damage - War
10) Metalgunz - Leatherface man

I dono if i got the titles correct, but thats it.
Aham Bhramasmi
Asura Mardhini
PAthless path to the knowable unknown
God of delusion
Homage to the Seers

parking lot pimp:
love song for a love song
life's thinking about you

klepto (i don't know if the spelling's right)

audio insanity:
fade out
secret sorrow

let it go

there're many others i've heard and liked ..but i can remember neither the name of the band nor the title of the song..so sorry yeah..
Dancing Nancies
- Happy Song (cuban version)
- Crazy
- Siti Nurhaliza

- the whole Smittened Bard collection

- Glitch (sad ragga)

- Glimmer
- Sunfire Ignite

The Death of Cinema
- Lies in the numerals
- In between

Syawla Evol
- Girls Got it Bad

there's more..but i'll stop here.
Some songs from e local underground metal scene

Wira perjuangan I
Wira perjuangan II

War Anthem


Bushmen - all the songs in the Rise Up EP

Stompin' Ground - Tunnel Vision
great opener from the Measured By The Richter Scale album. anw, the whole album is GREAT!

Force Vomit - Standard Punishment
another great opener from The Furniture Goes Up album. the whole album is FUN!

The Oddfellows - Addict
a song from Left Of The Dial compilation CD.

hmmmmmm... there's a lot more actually...
All-time fave:

1) Stoned Revivals - Goodil

Other choice selections by Esam and his boys:

a) Run Ichiban
b) Stoned Alleycat
c) Heartache
d) Electrik-sequinned Soul

2) Padres

a) Let It Shine...
b) ... on

3) The Observatory

a) Sea Of Doubt
b) Ask
c) This Sad Song
d) Observations Of Human Failure

4) B-Quartet

a) -
b) Klepto

5) Rudra

*There's this tune but I cannot remember the title*

6) Electrico

a) So Much More Inside
b) Feed The Cats

7) Aspidistra Fly

Stranger, Here Is Where We Live

8) Phorous

a) Something Good
b) Shadowgraphs

9) Concave Scream

a) Driven
b) Friction (Basically, the entire Three album...)

10) Force Vomit

Spacemen Over Malaysia

11) Astreal


12) Lunarin


I think that's too much. Sorry... Heh.
force vomit - siti dun give up

electrico - runaway.... i want you....

RAFE - beautiful mistake..... everything..... i believe.....
Lunarin - Dry

Enorthed - Perpetual Seasons, The Shadow Key

Raspatul - Menghitung Ajal, Scraped Torn Flesh, The Perfect Realm Of Jharkyannarkh

R.I.P. Ayim \m/
hey ho let`s go!!!!!!!

k i love local music...here are just a few......

1-Everything by>>> the FATSKUNKS
Siti Nurhaliza>>>Dancing Nancies
3-Everything by the>>> B-Quartet
4-Can i get ur number>>>The Sally`s
5-Wake Up>>>Cesspit
6-Everything by>>>Bushmen
7-Sugar Daddy>>>Natural I
8-Sunfire Ignite>>Firebrands

there`s lots more..but i dunno the titles.. :lol: :lol: