Favourite Guitar Instrumentals


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Hi, let's start a list of favourite guitar instrumentals so that we can know more guitar artises.
Here's two of mine..

Carlos Santana - Europa
Neil Zaza - Purple Rain

Eric Johnson- SRV, Cliffs of dover, Manhatten
Joe Satriani - The extremist, Starry Night
EVH - Eruption
steve vai - tander surrender,k'm pee du wee, blue powder, blues improv, whispering a prayer.. argh too many!

satch:extremist,surfing with an alien
How come it's so tough to find instrumental albums here!!!

Neil zaza - purple rain.

*almost all jeff beck..
Steve Vai - For the love of God

Joe Satch - The Extremist, Satch Boogie, Crush of Love

John Petrucci - Glasgow Kiss, Damage Control

Racer X - Scarified, Technical Difficulties

LTE - Paradigm Shift, Acid Rain, Universal Mind
Joe Satriani - Always with me always with you

Eric johnson - cliffs of clover

Eric Johnson - Manhatten

Daita Itoh - Eon, Breathe of the sea

JerryC - canon in D

Black Mages - One Winged Angel (Advent Children version)
Classical Gas - Mason Williams
Satch Boogie - Joe Satriani
Little Wing - SRV
EVH - Eruption
Desolate Ways-Morbid Angel
Air,Serrana,perpetual burn-Jason becker
Acid rain-LTE
Speed Metal Symphony-Cacophony
And A lot More
speed metal symphony is Cacophony with Jason Becker and Marty Friedman :wink:

Anyway my picks would be:

Andy Timmons - Cry For You
Jason Becker - Altitudes
SRV - Little Wing
hahhahah...that was funny.

anyway, my picks are:
Little Wing- Tom Delonge(the tone god)
Tender Surrender- Kirk Hammett
Scarified- M2M
Chee ... so many that i like i can't really name it .... can i name by Albums?

Jazz stuff ...
Lee Ritenour - Live in L.A and Wes Bound
Larry Carlton - Fingerprints
Wes montgomery - 4 on 6
Joe Pass - Virtusso
Martin Tarlor - Solo
Weather Report - heavy Weather
Miles Davis - All blues
Art Blakey - Moanin

Rock stuff ...
Joe Satriani - Summer Song, Cryin, Cool #9
Marty Friedman - Dragon Kiss
Steve Vai - Passion and Warfare
Van Halen - Strung-out

One song that really touches me ... Tenderly by George Benson :)
Whispering a Prayer is like magic, imo. Love it.

Flying in a Blue Dream is also one of my faves.