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What EQ settings do you guys use when jamming in a band to get a good sound that you can hear clearly and you're comfortable with?

I still have no idea how to maximise the amps with EQs like that Hartke one at Fourtones

i like to play with mids and less treble. playing thru a mexican fender jazz now, so i like some of that tail end bite but not too much.

so my mids are usually boosted, bass comes in close and the treble is usually almost rolled off.
Actually try tilting the Bass towards you first(kickback mode)to get the best direct sound possible. Humans tend to hear Mid-Frequencies the best.
Left bass, middle mids, right trebles. Just estimate, it's a more specific setting, got more variations I guess. Go play with your winamp hahaha.
at concert pitch, ur "A" on the 1st string 5th fret is 440Hz

so with that, u can estimate on the graphic eq where u want high and where u want low...

open "A" on ur 5th string is 220Hz

while "A" on ur 1st string 17th fret is 880Hz

cheers! 8)
i wouldnt say that adjusting your tone to the notes on the bass is right..

each note has many diff freqs produced soundwise, pitchwise it's diff. for eg, a simple A note can have a signal going at 15kHz too.

the eq is supposed to be set for overall tone.. bass for boom, mid for punch, and highs for bite. most bassists scoop their mids (lower mids) for a clean and smooth tone e.g.stu hamm(he doesnt realy scoop but that's the kind of tone i can think of right now). to hear really punchy bass listen to jaco. he sets the eq to a frown (on a graphic eq, mids go up, so it's like a mouth that frowns. similarly, u can smile by scooping the mids).

tone setting is totally up to individual pref or the type of song u are going to play.

the hartke amp at 4tones also has a preamp section. that controls the gain for each channel: the tube, or solid state.

amps can be powered by 2 means. tubes or transistors (solid state) each sounds uniquely diferent. the hartke is driven by both.

a tube sound is generally warmer and stronger imo. whilst the solid state sounds 'dryer'. read up on tubes and solid state amps. i'm sure books can give u a better insight than me. heh.

so by mixing them both u get a unique sound.. kinda like mxing the volume control on a passive bass with 2 pups.

finding ur tone takes time. i havent found mine yet! lol. keep on experimenting!
visa said:
I know what I want I just haven't gotten it >_>

hor! .. i'm too funky for my tone .. okay .. i need to learn how to appreciate my warm and round tone over my neck pickup .. but i tend to overFUNK things a little .. that's why sometimes recording sounds quite jialat ..
hmm.. i think like zerog says, eq depends a lot on what kind of bass n other equipment you're using as well as your personal preference.

for eg, a see quite a few SWR workingman combos around but to me they tend to be pretty shrill (i hear its because of inbuild tweeters..not too sure but it sure sounds like it) so i cut my treble a lot to compensate.

bass wise, i generally scoop my eq too.. but thats more personal taste and balancing the bass im using at the time rather than a rule of thumb.