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heyy.. i been outta action for a very long time.. anw just wana find out about emg pickups.. esp e 81s and 85s.. yupyup.. and which config is betteR?? 81 81 or 85 81.. from neck to bridge.. yeah.. and where can i find shops or online order tt sells for the best price
I was wondering how can we like actually try these pickups? I've been eyeing to change my pickups too though but i have about 3 choices in my list. I would like to try them out too but how is it possible?

Is it like Ok to ask them ot fix the pickups into my guitar and let me try out? Really inexperience here..
maybe u could ask around u;re network of frens having the particular pick ups that u wanna try and try on their guitars first??......

for emgs i'm using 81 neck and 85 bridge........i like the smoother tone the 85 makes for riffings.....
85 sounds a little bassy to me, but 60 sounds very nice and kinda bluesy

i dont really recommend 81 in the neck, its a great pickup for the bridge, but at the neck, when you want your tone to be nice and smooth, slightly dark, its way too bright. So for the neck go for 81 or 60 imo
81 to 81 is more for lead and solo i think...81 to 60 or 81 to 85 is more rhythm and melodic....
well it depends lah...i want my solo/leads to cut thru thus the 81s.....well some people might not like it so...to each his own.. :wink:
well i was thinking smth like 81 at e bridge and 85's at e neck... how will tt sound?? im hoping for a nice lead with distortion of course.. and well prob something tt will sound good on clean with the neck puickups
well from what i know....EMGs 60,81,85,89 are all active PUs and the clean sound is not %100 clean at all....there'll be a slightly little overdrived sound....esp when using marshall amps(in my experience)....u won;t hear it when its soft though....but if u;re in the studio, u would hear it.....
you can increase headroom quite significantly if you mod the EMG to 18v, using 2 9v batteries, instead of the stock single 9v
so this will make the 'dirty' clean sound on the EMGs cleaner(wuahah i'm so oxymoron)??...are u doing this now?....any effects on the dist sound?
never heard of using 2 9v batt to 1 PU. will the PU become more powerful?

anyway heard every1 try 81n 81b(kirk hamett), 81n 60b (james hetfield), 81n 85b (zakk wylde). but has any1 try 85n 81b(shadows fall & killswitch engage)? cos i find 81n kinda trebly.
taken from EMG website

Can I use multiple batteries?
Yes. If you've got room for multiple batteries in your guitar, you can use two batteries wired in series to power your onboard circuitry at 18 volts. The output level will not appreciably increase, but you'll have increased headroom and crisper transients. This is especially useful for percussive/slap bass styles where you can generate enormous instantaneous power levels across the entire frequency spectrum.

You can also wire two batteries in parallel to provide a regular 9 volt supply but with much longer lifespan between battery changes.

Although most of our products are rated for 27 volts, we recommend a maximum of 18 volts. The additional benefits of 27 vs. 18 volts are negligible

so ya, the cleans are cleaner, and with less distortion
of course you can
ppl at ESP guitars forums, (of which 90% of em are EMG users :p), have modded their EMG pu for guitars to 18V, and its said to give em more headroom

im gonna mod my emg too, but after i get a 60 for my neck
Anibody tried EMG HZ-H4 B4? I read at Guitar World that it is the so-called passive pickup of the EMG 81. Well dunno whether issit true or not...