Eletric Guitar budget around $300


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Hey guys, I can't really decide which one to get .. Budget around $300

I'm looking for a strat .. seen those from Squier and considering to get a California Series or the Affinity series .. can anyone give me any feedback for these guitars or any recommendations of which to get .. I play mostly blues and pretty much every genre ..

Thanks :)
any considerations for a strat-alike? Smash's S1 is highly recommended:

If you're looking for Squier, I recommend the California series. Its slightly cheaper than the Affinity, looks better with its pearloid pickguard and most comes with a humbucker at the bridge

But if you're open to alternatives, then you can also try Craftsman Strats [@ City Music]. Good for a beginner - cheap, sounds relatively good, and bang for the buck

both are made in China right ? I was told that the California series is a reigon exclusive .. is that so ?
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You can go the second hand route. check you the soft classifieds or head down to 2nd hand guitar stores to have a look. you might get a better deal.
Yesh, sound alchemy rocks.
Can check craftsman, squier and yamaha there...
Or you can try kgarage at tymc, pretty impressed with their offerings.