dumb qn : how often does one need to change battery?


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basses with active pick ups, on average how long does the battery last?

say if one typically plays an hour a day?

Depends on what kind of battery you buy. Normally last between 1 to 3 yrs. We reccomend to change every year even if it's still not flat, so as to avoid the battery deteriorate and leak, which will cause damage to your circuits.

Also depend on circuit. Some consume more power, could be possible to need change even in 6mths. So just observe your git and do mainatinence when due.
Ahhh.! that doesnt sound too bad :D ... I was under the impression by the sales rep that I may have to change it every week or month :roll: (in his defence he did say he could only speak from experience as a guitarist .. and using alot of effects or somethin' like that). My eyes did go 8O when I thought about the possible number of batteries i had to invest in a year .. so this is really quite a revelation for me heh.

Shall expand my search to include an active bass now. more options for me .. yay! 8)
lol I would like to know wat he has installed on his guitar that would drain a 9V flat in a week. Perhaps some fans to keep himself "cool"? :mrgreen:
those stage fans that steve vai uses to blow his hair back. lol. nayway how will u be able to tell if the batts going flat?
Using EMG pickups as a reference. On average, per pickup takes about 3000hrs to drain a 9V flat. Lets say u use 2 pickups, so double the current, u should have 1500hrs.

Even if it's left plugged in for 24/7 that would still give u 2 full months of battery life. I doubt an el cheapo battery would have 1/8 the battery life of a Duracell either. :mrgreen:

Anyway, once the battery starts to die, the voltage drops, u lose headroom. U can tell when the sound starts to distort.

Also, the effects that a guitarist uses has it's own power supply, it doesn't drain from that battery.
it probably depends on the pickups/preamp. i've had a brand new energizer 9v drain completely flat on an active bass when i left it plugged in for a week or so.
Pretty darn "efficient" circuitry on that preamp then, I must say :mrgreen:

Even an Aguilar OBP-3 preamp, which uses double the amount of current an EMG (3 band preamp w/ active blend) uses should last 2 weeks even if left plugged in.
yeah it isnt exactly brilliant tone-wise either. i'm not complaining though,a well built,nice playing 5-string neckthrough bass for $200ish, there just HAD to be a drawback :wink:
Hehe, I'm guessing blindly here... A J&D?

IMHO, between an el cheapo active circuit and a passive one... I'd go passive anyday.
excellent guess..J&D it is.
got it just to play around and demo stuff with, sounds semi decent through a sansamp bass driver,but direct or into an amp..eech. doesnt really matter though.
I change it when mine dies ... which will be in another year's time? .. ahahah .. batteries for bass preamps usually lasts quite long one lah ... i figured that if you keep the electrons in the battery running everyday .. there won't be the possibility of battery leak .. but then again ..

i'd rather change JUST IN CASE ...