ds-1 adapter


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my ds-1 is running out of battery juice. where can i find the boss adapter for it?

or if possible, roland batteries?

thanks :wink:
hey i do have 1 tt i am selling off.. the boss PSA 230P.. or if u intend 2 link up alot more pedals.. you can get urself a 1spot too :) pm me if u r interested in my boss adapter.
anep said:
amazing fact: the insides of a roland 9v battery is different from usual 9v batteries. usual ones have smaller batteries inside. roland has this thing with black powder inside.

really??? :eek:
you can try any adaptor but....
my advise is use original
i've had bad experience with zoom products before
its not worth it man
Or if u plan to have more pedals in the future, get a one spot adaptor, then add a daisy chain when u have more pedals. Have no problem powering 4 boss pedals with my one spot.