Drum Pad Midi Controllers


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Hi all, I'm looking to get a Drum Pad Midi controller. Does anyone have suggestions of good, hardy ones? I was looking at the Alesis PercPad but saw that reviews gave it a low rating on it's durability. I just need something to send midi signals to my computer so I don't need anything good sounding on board. I need to get this pretty soon!

Also if you have used some and know where to get them, please chime in!!
I think I'll go for the Alesis PercPad. Does anyone know any other dealers for Alesis items besides Sinemax? Just trying to keep my options open!
U might be able to find one or two shops in sim lim tower or sim lim square selling alesis products, sharing my 2 cents here :)
I've called Sinemax. They said it'll be a long time till it gets to singapore. Haha. Anyways I've got a friend borrowing one from somewhere. Maybe one day i'll get one