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I've been using Tama Iron Cobras for the past few years. Kinda expensive for pedals (if i remember correctly, the double pedal will set u back 500+) but it's EXTREMELY durable (built like a tank) and EXTREMELY "tweakable". You can adjust almost anything u want on it like beater angle, length, counterweight position, footboard angle, etc, etc. In fact it might be too configurable.. took me quite a few months of fooling around to finally find my "sweet spot". Buy it as your first and your last!
U get what you paid for and I think you should go for what your budget allows you. Todate the more affordable "High-end" pedal is the Iron Cobra. The last I heard it was $450. I don't know about now.

I have heard people use Yamahas, Pearl's Eliminator and DW 5000 and 9000. Everyone thinks they've found their ideal pedal. I guess it's ultimately up to you spending time practising on them.

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save up and get a pair of good, solid double pedals. you won't regret it.

the ics are built like a tank seriously.. they take lots of punishment and keep on pounding! but the eliminators are pretty unique too... different feel.

lol of course, since u're asking for recommendations, no double pedal thread is complete without the recommendations of the DW 5002 and DW 9002 double pedal :p
Dw 5002 . double chain. good choice.
retail price : $850 w/ case.

no budget?
you might wan to consider carlos double pedal , also double chain
onli retail at $160 :)
Dw5002s are a must get if you got no limited budget. But how can a pair of 5002s reach 850. Last i heard it was 750.
Carlos double pedals are really cheap. I can get for you brand new at $140.

It's one heavy weight pedal. The base plate for both master and slave pedal is massive. All the rods and pillars are also very thick. Not reccomended if you are a sensitive drummer. Ok if you just use it for hard rocking or metal.

One thing to note, as I have got one of these in my studio. You got to tweak it as follows.

Remove the extra spring at the slave pedal or you will sweat a lot. Re tighten all the screws (both normal and allen key types) first before use. Because I sent my set out for a gig when it is brand new, and it came back all loose and almost falling apart.

One peeve is that the slave drive shaft is not cylindrical, but a square one. So it knock on the legs of the snare or hihat stand when it shifts during usage.
You must really care for the pedal or they will fail very soon.

I do prefer lazer brand although they cost $40 more. More lasting although single chain and thinner frame. Still cheap too.

Well, what you pay for is what you get.

Below are the reviews:

Looks - 7.5/10
Usage - 6.5/10
Cost - 9/10
Reliability - 5/10
yes they are right what u pay for is what u get.. i say the pearl ones are awesome but its up to u its better u get one with a good rep like the tama's iron cobras or pearl eleminators. saving up for mine now.. have played on those pearl ele's and boy they are sweet and yes if ur a rich kid and not one of us poor ppl trying to make it in the music business get them DW's MAN
I've been rocking on Pearl pedals my who life.. Maybe thinking of upgrading to their latest Eliminator double pedal. check out the official Pearl drum forum. There's comparisons of various pedals pros and cons.. And there's pics to.. And even better, some guy even modified and Iron Cobra and Eliminator and combined them into one pedal. Taking the best of both pedals.. I was literally drooling when I saw the finished product.
For those drummers!!!

Check out this forum... its the official pearl forum and it rocks!!
In these pages, those guys out there in the USAs are comparing the various pedals. From DW5000, Yamaha Flying Dragon, Tama Iron Cobra and Pearl Eliminator... Check out the discussions and be amazed by the conclusion...
single/double chain

Dw 5002 . double chain. good choice.
retail price : $850 w/ case.

no budget?
you might wan to consider carlos double pedal , also double chain
onli retail at $160 :)

hi! i wanna buy double pedal but i am interested to noe whats the difference between a single chain n a double chain??
Yeah me too.

I'm getting one for my brother who just started drumming for like 5 months.
Budget would be around $300. Not much cos I still owe him a crash. Sheesh!

I would prefer it to be durable than "good looking"
Doesnt have to be super solid cos i just want him to practice double-peddling and get used to it first before getting some high-end expensive one.


Dead thread......

Single chain and double chain from what I asked the guys at Tampines Yamaha, I was told its more durable and doesn't make a difference in the feel.
I've tried some pedals that were actually painful, factually.

the back of the beater constantly hits my shin.

im saving up for a yet-to-be-confirmed pedals.

hopefully, i'll find something that suits me at Nigel's shop.
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I've tried some pedals that were actually painful, factually.

the pallets constantly hit my shin.

I used to have some pedals keep doing so. But nowadays I never seem to face that problem. So, I think it's probably a technique thing, like you're raising your foot too high at the wrong time. And also, if you can adjust the angle, then it should be no problem.