Dong Jing - A new band from Taiwan


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hi anybody has heard of a new band called Dong Jing from Taiwan?

The main song is quite good... :!:

good arrangement and song
i find them better den Mayday......... hmm........ or izzit be cos i hate bands like mayday....... hahahaha......... :lol:

Sigh. Another anti-mayday. Come on..mayday are a great band.. they are damn overrated. Them having legions of female fans have created a image that they are boyband and shit. But the fact is they are a awesome band. Im a huge fan of theirs. Technically, they are MUCH BETTER then dong jing. I watched dong jing live and i watch mayday live lots of time. The diff is definitely there. Monster and Stone's guitar skills are superb..may not be in the league of vai,satch amd slash. But in the chinese market..other then Beyond and wubai and chinablue. I dare say they are among the best. Shin? posers. They dont write their own songs. A rock band must have their own compositions. And when thye started writing. They sounded like crap. Anw my point being is tt im so sick of people saying that mayday sucks. Give them a chance. Listen to their songs. The technique is there. Listen to wen rou(the 7 min ver.), Ga cia (concert Ver.), also listen to their latest album. They are awesome. ANW no offence meant. Just my 2 cents worth of comments. :)
which concert is that? I wld love to hear the 2 songs u mention, coz I rarely see them play any solo.
hub37: hey...if ya have starhub channel 49, go catch the recent concert,its on tv. check ur tv schedule. In that they played solos on ga cia..their hit song..and Monster used a double neck gibson sg for wen rou's solo. Damn awesome. They solo alot on concerts. Anw they will be coming to town for a concert on dec 10!! haha...go catch them live. They are superb when it comes to live performances.

Vaiyen: Serious?! what songs ya guys jam? how long has your band been arnd? band jams alot of mayday songs too..AHAH..i'd love to watch ya guys play..jus let me know details of your next jamming session eh..
actually we just formed. will be having our first jam soon. ga cia and wen rou are 2 of the songs we will be doing :wink:
cool i never knew that there are so many chinese bands around here .
hope to play with u guys on the stage someday :roll:
Vaiyen said:
actually we just formed. will be having our first jam soon. ga cia and wen rou are 2 of the songs we will be doing :wink:

yah Vaiyen, din know u do chinese songs. Maybe I should start more threads of such kind to discover all the Chinese rock bands in soft :lol:
Yeah..sadly.. there isnt much gigs arnd for chinese rock its slightly more difficult for us to break into the scene..anw our band plans to join sch of rock next year..even if we are required to play eng songs..anw our band is very bilingual..we jam load of eng songs too..
There are gigs around for chinese bands. In fact, there are gigs for all genres of bands around. It's really up to bands to get their acts together and then go look for gigs. Keep trying and you'll surely score some gigs in time :)
i love mayday...i bought their greatest hit album with 7 new songs in it..and one song called Ya Guan is really nice..the solo is done by Stone..and its superb...hearing they are coming to SG again...any guys here goin to see them?
NewGuy said:
I like them too... boy do I wanna go... but don't have the chance... sob...

why no chance..haha...just buy their album lo...even if u nv buy u also can go..last time they come to PS for their friends and i just went in after those who had brought their album...we 4get to bring the album tt must wait until all the others go in..den we can go in...