Does the guitar make a man?


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Was juz thinking about this...

we all know how the les paul is associated with greats such as the Reverand Jimmy Page, good ol' Slash and another dude by the name of Joe Perry..

AND then...we have the strat fellas...namely; the man himself, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan...

i'm sure we are all guilty of aiming to buy a guitar that our hero the hope of emulating their styles..however, does it always seem that way?

does the guitar equate to the same style??

for instance...i have a strat copy...BUT i'm actually saving up for a les paul..then i wonder...what the f**k am i doing that for? I love the look of it...i have to admit...but then, would it really suit my style?

my major influences are those listed you can see..i'm torn me!!

sorry la guys for having to spew out this crap...having exam stress now.. :(
haha...guess i am not alone in the world of thinking about ur next paper and what guitar to buy next...keke
am also targetting a LP-type guit next. no mistaking it, i love my strat. so why get LP? ah vell...sound and feel very different to me. so yep. they both do what they do best. heh.
maybe you have to play everything before you realize what you like. i think each person's playing style is unique and an amalgam of their influences, but it's separate usually from the type of guitar they feel comfortable playing. i used to have a schecter terry corso signature model because it's an awesome guitar, but i realized after about a year of playing it that it wasn't really my thing feel-wise; i just didn't really like the neck profile. so now the schecter terry corso is with a friend and i'm playing an american tele and a les paul. it turns out my friend loves the feel of the terry corso and i enjoy the feel of the tele and lp and it works out well for everyone.

but to answer your question directly, i don't think owning the guitar that your hero used will make you play in the same style or with the same finesse. if Tom Delonge was handed an srv strat, or even a Musicman Petrucci, he'd still sound like Tom.
strats got better approach cuz they are capable of anything...
les pauls got more stage 'high class' appeal...
RGs and B.C.richs have the more fierce look..

its all matter of feel and looks..
get one of each and you'll be happy i guess..

but i think gibson black beauty has all three characteristics..
looks, playability, fierce approach..BUT...damn ex..
its true that the player makes the guitar, no doubt. but dont forget, eric johnson will not sound like EJ without his EJ strat. SRV will not sound like SRV without his strat. steve vai will not sound like steve vai without his jem. i guess its all about personal taste and sound. i have an rg prestige and yet i cant play technically demanding stuff (long way to go) and i have a taste for softer stuff but i still like the feel of this rg so i guess it just boils down to what you like.
i beg to differ. i think SRV would still sound like SRV if he was playing a different guitar. and Vai would still sound like Vai if he were playing a PRS. Eddie Van Halen sounded like EVH before the EVH guitar was made. he sounded like EVH even before the black, white and yellow striped guitar came out, much less the red, black and white striped one. tons of people think Jimmy Page played an LP or an SG on his Stairway to Heaven and that guitar tone is commonly taken to be representative of Jimmy Page's sound, but he actually recorded it on a Fender Tele.

so clearly the guitar doesn't make the player. a player sounds the way he or she does largely because of his or her playing style, more so than the equipment he or she uses.

of course, Vai will sound better if he's using his Jem through his legacy cabs and bogner heads, as opposed to a crappy crate amp and a jay turser guitar, but even through the crappy equipment, his playing style will come through.
Well, i read somewhere on the net. George Lynch said that he depends on his gears to achieve his kinda tone. And he also said that guys like EVH and Zakk Walde will sound just as great if plugged into garbage.

So my take is that, it depends on the player. Some depends on gear while others on fingers. But i still strongly believe its the gears. Imagine zakk walde without distortion effects, playing clean, will probably wun sound like him.
I'm totally stuffed on what I plan to buying for my next guitar, I also have a strat copy, I love MetallicA and James hetfield so the ESP explorer is something I like, I also love his '63 gibson custom, I also like kirks guitars.

I feel that becuase I want to play metal, I should buy a guitar like Kerry Kings or a flying V or something.

But my Fav guitar is james' 63' gibson custom
if you can get that peice of beuty in sg..why not give it a shot..
actualli not true tt u need those guitars to play metal..its all a matter of how you want to look on stage..
iron maiden use strats even tho they play metal..
+1 to what Ninja said.

Its the players, not the guitar. For example, let's say you got Vai's Evo, Vai's complete personal set up, there's no way you're gonna sound exactly like vai.

It's all in their fingers.
No other guitar players' tone sounds like me I believe.... Hehehe...

A firm believer of 80% fingers and 20% gear which makes a player's tone..

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