dj scratch


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hey , is it possible to achieve a dj scratch sound from an electric guitar? if yes can share how? i heard its a morello technique. thanks guys !!!
you need a guitar with a killswitch or a LP style 3 way toggle switch and individual volume controls for each pickup. set one pickup to full volume the other to 0. the toggle switch is now your crossfader.
hi gain helps, scrape/rub the strings with your pick or fingers and flick the toggle switch back and forth to stutter the sound. just play around with it but be warned..causes a fair amount of wear on the switch and most cheap switches wont last long.
You use your palm to rub the strings ... It's good if you use it with a wah pedal, like in Morello's bulls on parade ... I think he also uses the whammy pedal at some points ... But yeah, flick the switch ..

You may also use a switch that is simply on/off, if you dont have the switch between volume knobs, or 2 volume knobs at all ...