distortion pedals

Boss DS-1 not bad, 75 1st hand sweelee. I think

Then Proco Rat2 155 or 160.. MrMisse got sell.

watever it is,
SANS AMP GT2 still the king of all distortion pedals

Guyatone OD-2


Since this topic is about pedals in particular. Just wanted to do a bit of promotion for my friend's shop.

Guitar Workshop is now bringing Guyatone OD-2 and Chorus pedals.
Made in Japan and able to give a warm tube sound. Do check them out.

Guitar Workshop
Bras Basah Complex
Opening Hrs: 11am to 7pm Mon-Sat
1pm to 7pm: Sundays.
i'm really interested to try out amt's fatal tube pedal..anyone had experience with it? is it a good overdrive/booster pedal?
hehe...i bought a shitload of pedals at teh sweelee sale a few months back...but mostly dod and boss..my distortion both dod so wanna change.....to a nice distortion for lead sounds......where can i find sans amp pedals??
There can only one...

Sansamp GT-2!!

Or if u have abit more dough, Sansamp Tri-AC!!

Tech21 products can be found at Sinamex...

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Not sure abt that.. The last time I was there was like a yr ago or so... But u can always order or look out for second hand deals...
Its an analog 3 "channel" pedal(ala Fender clean, Marshall crunch and Mesa high-gain).. Much more versatile than the GT-2 where u can only use one of the "channels"...