cutaway body and is semi-acoustic


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ok folks.... i'm gonna get a guitar with this features... a cutaway body and is semi-acoustic....

i tried out J&D DG-4S today and it sounded good. i quite like it...! and its within my budget! haha < 400... but then... it does not have a cutaway body.....

hey so anybody wanna comment on this......

pls pls... do recommend me... haha ... yamaha is too ex la...
keep it within my budget k~
Well the point of a cutaway is to facilitate movement at the high frets. However it does rob some tone and volume out of your sound since part of the sound box is gone. It might not be that significant but there is a difference. Haha if you constantly hit the high notes then I don't think it's the one for you. Take some time to look around more and you might find something you like better 8) Otherwise by all means get it if you like it! As for yamaha.. go find a friend with a membership card for discounts? Brandwise it's better imo :D
i was particularly attracted to the ovation applause AE-28 or AE-227 semi-acc. it goes for between $350-400 in different shops. luther has the AE-227, but i dont really like the red finish, and they are selling the display for ~$280 i think. that's if you like roundbacks, ovation style.
these are good Ibanez guitars to check out on Friday & Saturday (9 & 10th Sept), as they weill be on 40% disct 8)


i've tried the ibanez artwood series, the 1 with the vine inlay, didn't really like the sound, sounded very thin, and the action was very high
i guess ibanez guitars are not built as acoustics. if you're looking for a semi-acc with more emphasis on the accoustic side of it, get something from a brand that dont mainly do electrics, then fit it with a decent pickup if it doesnt come with one. having said that i wish i had the line6 modelling thinline accoustic. aww