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  • Hey, i'm just wondering is the PRS cu22 still up for grab? let me know if it is still available. thanks.

    btw, your mailbox is full, i can't pm u.
    Hey Hub, im just trying my luck but so you happen to have or bring in the mesa boogie stiletto deuce stage II amp head and the mesa boogie rectifier 2x12 cab?

    Hey Hub! i was wonderin if thers any possibility that u could get an RK Telecaster to sell? i would b very interested..Just state me the Price that you could get and the details.

    cheers mate!

    Would be great if u could email me at mrhafiz.lush@Gmail.com
    I am interested in the fender japan telecaster keith richard version. Able to view & try? contact me @ 93892101. Thanks.
    I am still interested in the gibby 335. I contacted you earlier about a trade with my Gibson LPdouble Cut. What cash top up do you want if we were to trade?? do you have a phone number??
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