Custom Koa Acoustic/Electric -Ayers AAA Grade Full Solid Koa A-09ew (Grand Audi)

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Hi everyone! Introducing a wonderfully beautiful Full Solid AAA Koa Acoustic Guitar by renowned Ayers USA- 100℅ Handmade by professional Luthier! ��

This is the highest and most premium of Ayers series- 09 Premium Koa.
If you like sweet sounds & you don't always just like to strum hard and fast, but like a mixture of sweet tones, you'll love it! ��

The Best Grade Hawaiian Koa is used for the Top, Back and Sides, and true fact: There's very limited amount of good quality Koa is left in the world, making this a very limited Edition piece! (Only those 30 years old and above Koa wood is suitable for making the high grade AAA Koa Guitar!)

✨100℅ Handcrafted/Handmade! This means that every piece of AAA Solid Koa is carefully chosen- only the best Koa with the best Resonance, Sound, is chosen to make this piece!
Handmade guitars SUPERCEDE factory made guitars! Best Tonal woods are chosen!

Handmade & Best Quality promise:

Do look at the webpage, it promises best woods, which means best sound!

All in all, Handmade = Time, Skill, Effort, and results in the best Sound, and best Aesthetics and best Durability. ��
The guitars in the past were all Handmade until industrialisation. That's why people purchase really old (1960/70s guitars!) ����

✨Beautiful sound! I've compared this with the Best High-end acoustics- Gibson hummingbird Vintage, Gibson Songwriter Deluxe, Taylor 814CE, Martin Performance (GPC-28E), Martin HD28, and they didn't satisfy!
Don't get me wrong, these are crazily good guitars, but this Ayers Koa was the perfect one for me- Beautiful Crisp, Warm, Full I was just in awe!
Beautiful sound, Beautiful aesthetics, what more can I ask for? ����

✨Made in the USA - Ayers established in 1989, very popular in the Europe and USA!

Here are the specifications��:

**Body: Grand Auditorium with Cutaway
***Top: AAA Solid Koa
***Body & Sides: AAA Solid Koa
***Neck: 1 Piece African Mahagony (wow! usually necks are 3 pcs)
Neck joint: Dovetail (Hand Joined = Sturdy!)
**Tuners: Gotoh 501 (Chrome) (Gold) with Ebony Knobs
Headstock overlay: Ebony
**Fretboard: Ebony
**Bridge: Ebony
**Bridge pin: Ebony with Abalone
Strap button: Ebony

***Electronics: Fishman Prefix Plus T Onboard Preamp
[One of the best & costly pick-up systems]

��EVERY part is 100% handmade! Even the bridge pins are custom made to fit the diameter of every single hole that holds the strings. Amazing.

Full specs at

��Sound (amazing!):
Ayers Premium series - 09 special:

demo 09 full Koa Ayers:

��Total Price purchased: 3800 USD = $5406 SGD (exchange rate of 1 USD = 1.4SGD)

I purchased this in the USA in early 2014!
Don't forget the price excludes the Mark up price + Shipping Cost (Made in the USA!) + Limited Edition Piece
**[Means the guitar would amount to at least $5800 SGD!]

Letting go for a sale price of JUST 3800 SGD!

Open to trades for a low-end electric guitar (about 1k), Gibson Studio etc, plus a top up on your end! Cheers :p

If you are Koa lover, or love sweet chill Koa tones - the kind where peace & sweetness is your thing, this is it...!!!!

Contact me at 83388715


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