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hey all, i know most of us want to reduce our noise levels in our rigs to as little as possible....
but i was just wondering... how would one be able to get a crazy feedback noise level from your rig if you wanted to?
not as in throughout the whole time kinda thing, rather, like at the end of a song... where you get on your knees and the feedback is ringing and your tweak all your effects crazily to make some cool noise?
i heard of a pedal called the Boss DF-2 Super Feedbacker & Distortion... but that's about all that i've heard when it comes to feedback-enhancing pedals... i was also thinking that if i had multiple gain units on my board, would turning all of them on and at full gain level help to increase the feedback noise?
haha, just asking anyways!
just use a maxed out distortion pedal to boost an already overdriven should provide ample feedback or noise for you to attain the cool psychedelic rock song ending you so desire.
Firstly you must understand how feedback works with reference from the guitar pickup to the amp.

Uncontrollable feedback just shows that you are an amatuer guitarist, poor understanding or basically a beginner.

A true performer can control every aspect of a feedback sound, this is done by indepth understanding on how your gear actually works.

You dont feedback an amp by using a pedal, that's very childish indeed.

The secret is in your pinky, controlling the master volume on your guitar.

From working a cresendo ending to a feedback, or a starting part feedbacking into the intro. These are real creativity.

Not anyhow anywhere feedback. Like that sounds like teenagers playing for the first few time in a jamming studio.
turning up the gain might not get a controllable feedback, most likely it will goes into microphobic feedback with no pitch variation even if you play with the whammy bar or changing the freting area

Mid gain is enough to cause feedback at loud volume.

The volume play a imporatant role, distance and direction between the guitar and amp, plus semi hollow guitars help in getting easier feedback at moderate gain...

this might work or might not, all depend on your setup.

The boss super feedbacker is a fun effect, but in no way it will take over real feedback. Not too mention even if you are able to find one locally, confirmed it comes with the vintage discontinued boss price :roll: .....

just my 0.02 cent
the teaser stallion sound nothing like a real feedback and also not for imitating feedback. Its oscillation.

Another pedal which do that is the zvex fuzzfactory....
mikemann - that's violining, a technique. i'm not sure if u consider that feedback (unless u refer to *not* playing any notes and then turning up the volume)

the DF-2 can make feedback per se but yes it's more like a generated sound rather than amp feedback.

i would recommend putting a chorus pedal such as a Boss Super Chorus after your Distortion pedal to keep the sound from becoming to shrill. Also, the Super Chorus at higher settings flanges a bit and makes the feedback a little more musical to the ears.