Combo amp into head + cab


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Have anyone turned their combo amp into an amp head + cab b4? if so, how do you go about doing it? anyone else contemplating doing this?
hope to hear frm u mikemann, you're the amp guru here 8)
do you mean turning a combo stricly into a head/ simply plug another cab to supplement it like this?

subversion said:
do you mean turning a combo stricly into a head/ simply plug another cab to supplement it like this?


LOL. Bro, you need 4x12 messa to complete the setup :lol:
Do you have a specific reason for doing so?? Chanmin wanted so bcuz he can transport it easier to gigs with cabs already provided, just he likes his amp's tone.

No reason why not, provided you got the tools and skills to do so. Or you got the carpenter and money to do it for you.

A combo actually signify portability, as one person can settle the movement anytime. Thus not a good reason.

So the only reason is vainity here, for us human it's not a bad reason either. I also take vain actions from time to time, like they say, to be seen.

I must say that cabinet making and tolex upholstering (covering) is a special skill by itself. So be well prepared, if you are looking at it from a hobby perspective. Even myself, I specialise in the electronics. I know the requirements of cabinet making, but I do not possess the skill to do so.
Actually my reason is the same as chanmin, I wanna take it arnd for jamming and gigging (in the near future). like chanmin, I like the tone frm my amp alot too.

Actually I do not want to make it into the size of an amp head, preferrably the size of a rack unit would be ideal. Something portable enuff :)
Just one consideration for you. You might not be able to convince the equipment owner to let you plug you head into their speaker cab. Like they say fear of the unknown.

Unless it was me, I can read the rating on you head to see if it's compatible with my cab. Then I will allow you. Normally if I see something funny being done to my equipment without my prior consent, I will screw the person left right, even if its ok.

Remember messing with own equipment is at own risk. No one want others to mess with their equipment either.
Which model is yours??

One idea is to purchase a "Flight Case" or what we call ATA case. I guess a 4U one could fit most, remember the width is max 19inches.

Then have to make the brackets to mount it. Finishes will be a professional fully front & back closable panels.

Just an idea.