Coffee makes me sleepy...

It only serves to keep me awake :D That's partly because i always use 2 packets of coffee in one cup. Beer slows me down, but not enough to make me feel drowsy.
Tsk tsk drinking too much coffee a day gives u heart attack, long term lah.

Lol coffee-holics beware! :D
I get high on coffee! serious! I drink it and just laugh and all that haha. But I can drink coffee and then go to sleep. Weirdd eh> :lol: :lol:
i get high on coke. vanilla coke. if you went to doubleyellowline:inhabitant, then you'd know.

coffee makes me sleep. the normal kinds la. but italian coffee keeps me awake from 3pm all the way till 7 the next morn!

power sia!
vodka makes me go like wanna go and shit :smt018
beer makes me happy :partyman:
coffee makes me addicted to em.. :smt043

coke... at times..

but still.. beer works the gut for me!!! heheheh..
im a coffee addict!!!! i drink coffee at least 4 times a day.. if im in a bad mood. hahahaha. coffee gives me energy. it really does. but if i take it juz b4 going 2 bed, i slp easily. so im still confused wat coffe does 4 me.
Amsterdam works for me.. Really appreciate them.. for without them, i wouldn't get drunk.. yes.. you know.. rock on lah.. okok.. im drunk..