Clean channel or OD.


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Hi guys. Need help here.

Just wondering. Im using a few dist pedals...

cause when im using OD chnl on amp, i get abit more bite and crunch, at the same time if i turn off all my distortion pedals i still can get a fairly good strong clean...

anyone here uses OD chnl for all occasions or clean only?

cause im actually using guit -> pedals -> od chnl.


oh btw, my gain on OD chnl is like 7 8 o clock only.
I always run my pedals into the amp's dirty channel with the gain turned down to get a "clean" tone. :) As u mentioned, it's crunchier and more chunky.
Hmmm will there be cases where "gigs amp" no OD chnl? lol sry im a newbie. nv gigged in my entire life.