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Am a total beginner, and am interested in learning how to play classical piano. A friend has advised the ABRSM Exams would be the way to go, and was wondering if anyone had a path they´d recommend I take (school? Piano teacher? etc).

Anyway, I´m here to ask for advice if there was an Electronic Piano that would be suitable for a first time student, and where possible, something that will serve me till Grade 8 (or higher) - or is that expecting too much from an Electronic Piano?

Don´t need anything thats overkill, and my *most* basic need is to learn classical piano.

Advice anyone?
I´m impressed by your determination and I take my hat off to you. Most of us start classical piano at a young age (I started at 5 years old). But with perseverence, you´ll make it!

My advise is to get a classical piano. No electric or digital piano can imitate the action, feel and sound of a classical piano. A classical piano is the best way to learn proper finger techniques. Furthermore, you will not get an electric piano during your exams. If you have the money, go for the German pianos. Otherwise, Kawai (which I have used all my life) is fine.

Private piano teacher or school is fine, depending on your preference. The Trinity Board examinations is another option to the ABRSM, but most people go for ABRSM. All the best!
hey, need help? feel free to ask..

Hey, if u need help in practice..feel free to ask me..i'm a classical pianist..^^ no. is 91121468..juz ask 4 elvin..i'm sure to help man..
u could try looking for second hand pianos from various dealers in advise is dat if u dun have enough money to buy a first hand piano , u should at least get a second hand piano.normally a second hand piano should cost around 1.5k depending the quality of it.i bought my piano second hand for 1.5k last year and till now it's still in tip top condition and it's about 7 years old.

get a classical piano instead of a digital piano because certain aspects of classical music requires u to play with a "feel" which only a classical piano could provide....

oh by the way , my piano is a Kolher & Campbell and the internal parts are all German and it's a very reliable brand...maybe u should try looking for this piano... :lol:
Actually, I'm wanting to learn classical piano, too. And was thinking of getting the Yamaha P60 or P90 for a start. I was wondering if this would be good enough for a beginner, as it was mentioned that the feel is different. How different? In what aspects? Kindly enlightened me. I'm a total noob =P

Where is the best place to source for 2nd pianos? May i know where you got your Kohler & Campbell?

I think ABRSM is the defacto standard in many institutions. From what i know, most institutions may not recognise other certifications. So if you intend on continuing musical studies, should stick to ABRSM to be safe.
it is very hard to explain on why the feel of a classical piano is much different from a digital one.but once u get use to playing a classical piano for certain period of time and suddenly switch to a digital piano , i guess the feel of a digital piano is much different and besides u will also realise that sound of a classical piano is more "real" as compared to their digital counterparts.sorry i'm trying my best to explain the "feel" dat classical pianist experience.i do hope u would understand wad i'm trying to say...

although digital pianos are ideal for beginners in terms of budget wise , i feel that it is best to incorporate the "real" sound of a classical piano and get it ingrained into ur head from the moment u start classical piano dat u would start to appreciate "real" piano music and not the "fake" ones :lol:

as for second hand pianos , i think u have to look at the classified ads of the strait times as there will always be 2nd hand piano dealers advertising their stuff from time to time...i can give u the details of this piano shop but it sells first hand pianos....

Harvest Piano and Music Studio

Kelvin Goh

279 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437062
Tel/Fax: 63452321

i'm not sure whether that 1st hand kolher and campbell model is still there thou but it's the EXACT model of my piano.u can try enquiring about the prices of the pianos in his shop.but i can tell u , his prices are very check it out someday.

do let me know if u decide to give him a call
Hi I am wondering have u get a suitable upright piano? I am intending to sell my upright piano at a good deal.
minnie, how much are u selling ur upright piano?? my student is looking for one....

pls pm me i will let u know the budget

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