Choosing a condenser mic - Need advice


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I'm hoping to run this condenser mic with M-Audio Firewire 410. Currently Im looking at M-Audio Nova and Behringer B2..What do you guys think?

What is this mic use for? Vocals. I just want a clear clean vocal...

Thanks in advance!

I am not very sure abt this M-Audio Firewire 410. If u want me to recommend condenser mic u can use shure condenser mic. For more info abt shure mic u can go to check it out. :)

I would recommend Shure Beta 87A or if you can afford, Neuman KMS105.. But remember, u nd phamton power.. Cheers
i wouldn't recommend shure beta 87 or neumann KMS105..that's for Live performance purpose. so different electronic layout. stick with recording purpose..
lot's of selection these days..just look into your wallet and see how much money you want to spend?..
ADK has good performance without emptying your wallet. I think Hung bros is the dealer. Shure KSM44 is good but but pricey. or neumann TLM103. lot's of option..
Rode has good selections also..