Chinese Songs Guitar fingerpicking tab books


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any1 knows where got sell Chinese Songs tab books for Guitar?

I went to Meridian Hotel there... they nvr sell Chinese Pop guitar tab bokks lehz... dunno where else has... Yamaha sells the books w/o fingerpicking tabs..
The POPULAR Bookstore in China Town do carry a variety of Chinese Guitar Tab Books. Forgot the exact venue. You can ask around.

Hope this help.
Sorry I'm going to borrow this thread and ask where I can find full band scores for Chinese pop/rock songs. Looking for FIR's stuff in particular.
last time i remmeber to find chinese pop song..rock song etc....u can try...guitaryou..type it in has some chinese song.....quite a number.....some are accurate.....some are not.....try it out than tell me if theres any other better site than this...