Chinese Canto, Hokkien Band???


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Hi everyone

i am quite v sure that there are a lot of bands around locally. But is like most of them all played English songs.(no offence) Other than LGF,rusty nails where are all the chinese canto or hokkien band members??? I wish to know them more. Can intro to me pls? Hope to see they all will join the project superband. I want to see the 1st chinese rock band in singapore to stay alive!!! Come out dont be shy!!! Haha :)

recently theres a gig organised by g77 , got quite a few chi bands. black forest, kenz, rui band and many many more. more and more chi bands forming up now and there will be some more gigs coming up soon too.
Go to Tan chang Ren at Maxwell Rd on Friday nights. It is behind the building painted red, formally traffic police HQ and later known as white house cos it was painted white. It is now occupying the former canteed next to the car park.
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ah i remember Heaven And Earth (Tian Di Hui) during the late '90s, are they still around? I heard their old ep and i remembered it was quite kickass. Too bad I don't have it anymore
There so few chinese band in superband is not for us as we are the rock band.